A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Monthly Archive: May 2014


OneCry City Revival Leaders in Chicago

About 30 individuals from 13 different cities were part of a gathering of city revival leaders in Chicago last week (May 21–22, 2014). Drawing leaders from Nevada to Florida, from Minnesota to Texas, the group spent some of its time as part of a related conference specifically […]


Dark Days

We are in increasingly dark days in our nation. The last several years, it seems, we have not been headingto the cliff, but have gone over the cliff … and the downward plunge is speeding up exponentially. Every statistic, both in the church and out, confirm this spiritual and moral […]


OneCry City Revival Leaders’ Meeting

The second-ever OneCry City Revival Leaders’ Meeting will take place in Chicago, Illinois, this Wednesday and Thursday (May 21–22). The purpose of the meeting is to build a coalition of men and women who sense God’s calling to promote revival and spiritual awakening in their cities; to share best practices […]


Revival of Prayer on Lee University Campus

It is hard not to be excited to hear about growing numbers of people who are eagerly praying and working for revival and spiritual awakening in our nation. But when those people who have become white-hot for revival happen to be college students, that alone is a […]