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Will You Reclaim a College Campus for God?

What happens on our university campuses has great influence over the course of our nation. Where else will you find all of a nation’s future leaders gathered in one place for four years? As the students go, so goes the nation! But there is a crisis on […]


No Turning Back

The true follower of Jesus Christ will do exactly what his/her name implies: follow. This means, of course, that over the miles of their journey, God will take them to new destinations. They will go away from some habits, places, relationships, etc., and toward others. The Backward […]


Announcing the Collegiate Day of Prayer, February 23

We are excited to announce that the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer has been re-inaugurated. This prayer meeting for revival among college students took place for over 100 years in our nation’s history! It’s time we fully restore and reestablish this prayer movement as a regular practice […]


Is There Value in a United Cry?

The Angers Bridge was constructed in the early 1800s and used successfully for many years to cross the Maine River in Angers, France. Until April 16, 1850. In the midst of a violent thunderstorm, 486 French soldiers were walking in cadence across the bridge. The combination of […]


Praying for the President

What would happen if President Trump … became a friend to churches in America who honor Jesus Christ as Lord? were to select Supreme Court appointees who hold to scriptural moorings in their decision making? were to demonstrate kindness and speak truth to all with whom he […]


God’s Love Wins!

The statement “Love Wins” keeps popping up all over the Internet, often in response to the many shootings and other tragedies our nation has been experiencing. With all the hurt and bitterness in existence, love seems to be the only viable alternative. Many people, via news platforms […]


The Supernatural Physics of Spiritual Awakening (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 of this article here.) God needs men who will believe Him for the impossible … who operate with confidence in God’s ability to do the miraculous … who will pray and proclaim like this … who understand that bringing spiritual awakening to a city […]

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