A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Extraordinary Prayer


The Cry That Moves God’s Heart

We are in desperate need. The sin of our land is rampant and unrelenting, and it has invaded the church. There are some wonderful exceptions, but the normal congregation is losing 85% of its upcoming student generation. Like a Stage 4 cancer patient, we must do something […]


Let’s Pray Because God Still Revives College Campuses!

Join with others today, on this Collegiate Day of Prayer, to pray for a college close to your heart or your home. Here’s a testimony of what happened on one university campus just last year. What if this happened on campuses across the nation? On a college […]


Will You Reclaim a College Campus for God?

What happens on our university campuses has great influence over the course of our nation. Where else will you find all of a nation’s future leaders gathered in one place for four years? As the students go, so goes the nation! But there is a crisis on […]


Announcing the Collegiate Day of Prayer, February 23

We are excited to announce that the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer has been re-inaugurated. This prayer meeting for revival among college students took place for over 100 years in our nation’s history! It’s time we fully restore and reestablish this prayer movement as a regular practice […]


Is There Value in a United Cry?

The Angers Bridge was constructed in the early 1800s and used successfully for many years to cross the Maine River in Angers, France. Until April 16, 1850. In the midst of a violent thunderstorm, 486 French soldiers were walking in cadence across the bridge. The combination of […]


Prayer: From God’s Perspective

Have you ever thought about prayer from God’s perspective? Imagine for just a moment that we are privileged to be a guest in God’s throne room. What if God allowed us to stand beside His throne, as a casual observer, and listen in on all of His […]


It’s Time to Wake Up!

As I write this introduction for this week’s blog, I am with our OneCry Conference team at the second stop of our OneCry Georgia tour. Last week in Dalton, over 60 churches joined together in the convention center for four nights of seeking the Lord for revival […]


Fall 2016 Prayer Events

We want you to know about several prayer events taking place next week (and one in November). We’ve provided links for additional information so you can pray more specifically and participate if you are able.   OneCry Georgia 09.18–21.16 (Sunday–Wednesday) Life Action Ministries is spending this fall […]


National Day of Prayer Update

The first Thursday in May is known as the National Day of Prayer, first observed in 1952. On April 17 of that year, a bill initiated by Conrad Hilton and Senator Frank Carlson of Kansas was passed into law that would set aside one day a year, […]

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