A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Revival Stories


Cry Out Together

Carrie Gaul: Biblical Correspondent for Revive our Hearts TRANSCRIPT: What happens when we cry out together for spiritual revival? Forty years ago, Pastor Bill McCleod of a small Baptist church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, asked his people to be part of a weekly prayer meeting and […]


Whatever the Cost

Twin brothers with a passion for Jesus Christ, David and Jason Benham seek to follow Him in ways best described by the title of their recently-published book, Whatever the Cost. As successful entrepreneurs, the Benhams have built multiple enterprises, resulting in their efforts being featured in numerous […]


Revive Indiana

God is at work! He has led Kyle Martin and his team to travel to the Goshen area of northern Indiana to pray and believe Him to do a mighty work. Already He has done some unusual things, and we are eager to share some of them […]


Bringing Revival to Inner-City Youth! (Part 2)

This is the second of two audio interviews with Pastor Alton Hardy of Urban Hope Community Church in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. Last week we were introduced to Pastor Hardy and his challenging work with inner-city youth. This week you are in store for a treat as […]


Bringing Revival to Inner-City Youth! (Part 1)

Below is the first of two audio interviews with Pastor Alton Hardy of Urban Hope Community Church in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. With 72 percent of black children born to women who are not married, and with most urban youth growing up without fathers in the […]


Passing Prayer Forward

A few months ago, God placed on my heart a burden for revival, in the church where I pastor and in my city. As I was praying, God gave me a very unusual idea. I began to pray for Christians who were not members of my church to come […]


Reno: An Unlikely Town

“Can any good come out of Reno?” Pastor Brent Brooks of the Reno Christian Fellowship has frequently asked this question of his congregation. But in light of what is happening in Reno these days, he is quite sure the answer is a resounding and emphatic “Yes!” Reno […]


I’m Thankful For . . .

Most people I know are thankful for Thanksgiving. Besides giving employees a welcome day off, it is typically a great time of fun, family, and food. (Some throw in a little football, too!) But beyond these good things, it does us good to spend time and effort […]

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