A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening


Thank you so much for being willing to lead a multiplying group to help raise up hundreds, perhaps thousands of men who will champion the cause of revival and spiritual awakening. If ever there was a day that needed such intentional, discipling leadership, it is now.
The following material is to be used as you desire and are led by the Spirit of God. We have sought to identify twelve primary themes of revival. As you know, each week with your group and with dozens of groups around the nation, we are pursuing three things:

1. EXPLICIT AGREEMENT: We are seeking to raise up hundreds of pastors and leaders who have a common understanding and terminology about revival and awakening. We must all agree on the real problem and the real solution.

We will seek to accomplish this through the first hour or so of your time together as you study. We will provide a brief video link for you, along with sample discussion questions.

2. EXTRAORDINARY PRAYER: Imagine what it will be like to see hundreds and hundreds of leaders united once a month in serious, specific prayer for revival and awakening!

We will seek to accomplish this by making the second part of your session a well-led prayer time. Remember: You are not only leading these men in prayer, you are also modeling how they can lead their group next year in prayer. Don’t assume everyone in the group knows how to do this.

3. VISIBLE UNION: There is something powerful that happens when a group of leaders unite their hearts and minds and ministry.

We will seek to accomplish this by taking time at the end of each prayer session to ask one simple question: What is the Spirit of God telling us to do, perhaps together, to cooperate with Him in revival and awakening?

  • First 45 minutes: Study and discussion on revival and awakening
  • Second 45 minutes: Revival-focused prayer time
  • Final 30 minutes: What is God telling us to do, perhaps together, to cooperate with Him in revival and awakening?
Finally, don’t feel bound to this time frame. If one part is shorter or longer than an hour, that is no problem. Our goal is to meet with God together and let Him train and prepare us for the coming of revival!

Prior to the Second Great Awakening, a pastor named David Campbell was used to disciple a group of men in the ways of God in revival. These men went into the frontier and became known as the “Five Wild Men of the Cumberland”! They were mightily used of God in the camp meetings that spread revival and the church across the Western frontier.

You are training the next five wild men! May God use you greatly in this critical task at this critical hour.

Introduction: Raising A Revival Champion

Download Introduction

Session 1 - What is Revival?

Download Session 1


Session 2 - How do we Experience Personal Revival?

Download Session 2

Session 3 - The Preparatory Work of God in Revival

Download Session 3


Session 4 - The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening

Download Session 4

Session 5 - Understanding the Presence of God in Revival

Download Session 5


Session 6 - Understanding the Cycles of Revival

Download Session 6

Session 7 - The Judgement of God and Revival

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SESSION 8 - The Role of Agreement and Visible Union

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Session 9 - Shepherding the Movements of God in Revival

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Session 10 - The Wind


Session 11 - The Endgame of Revival

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Session 12 - Multiplying Revival Champions

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