A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Announcing the Collegiate Day of Prayer, February 23

We are excited to announce that the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer has been re-inaugurated. This prayer meeting for revival among college students took place for over 100 years in our nation’s history! It’s time we fully restore and reestablish this prayer movement as a regular practice in every church and campus across America.

The main premise for this prayer strategy was outlined in a popular little book by Jonathan Edwards, calling for the whole church to pray for revival together on the same day of each month. At the time, never had the church in America experienced such widespread unity and agreement in prayer among so many believers from so many different denominations.

The true potential of united prayer was being reawakened in one generation. As they began to humbly pray together, they learned how to yield to the Holy Spirit. They learned how to tarry and weep together. They learned how to confess their sins to one another. And they learned how to depend on God again!

Then the Second Great Awakening began to shake America to its core. For fifty years the Holy Spirit swept over our nation. Revival broke out in New England and spread throughout the Northeast.

The revival transformed the whole western frontier of Kentucky and the Allegheny Mountains. Soon it began to spread to America’s most respected universities.

Almost all of the Ivy League colleges were transformed by this powerful awakening. The Second Great Awakening in America continued from 1790 until approximately 1845.

Armed with the power of united prayer, the church began to intercede for the needs of the emerging generation. Powerful revivals increased on college campuses all across America.

By 1823 the practice of adopting a college campus in prayer became an annual event in almost every major denomination. It became known as the Day of Prayer for Colleges.

God was confirming that He hears and answers prayer—and if America’s churches, pastors, and parents would continue to lay aside their differences and pray, He would continue to COME in revival power! Year after year they prayed, and year after year revival came, until America’s colleges earned the reputation of being one of the best places for a young person to find God.

Gradually, the Collegiate Day of Prayer began to be neglected and pushed aside. Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, the Day of Prayer for Colleges was totally abandoned and eventually forgotten for nearly 100 years.

Please help us reopen this historic doorway of collegiate revival. Adopt a campus for prayer at CollegiateDayofPrayer.org, and join us on February 23, 2017, for a day of intercession for revival among America’s twenty-one million college students!


David Smithers is an English minister at the Chinese Christian Assembly in Pomona, California. He is committed to encouraging intercession and corporate prayer for revival and spiritual awakening. He is also the founder and director of Awake and Go prayer network.