A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Monthly Archive: March 2016


United Cry DC16

Only a united church can heal a divided nation. Polls tell us that the state of America is not united. From political debates to the Supreme Court, from college campuses to the workplace, people are facing division, frustration, and anger. The answers to these difficult issues are […]


How to Get Right with God

At the age of 17, after some years of rebellion, the Lord brought me to full surrender. It was the single greatest moment of turning in my life, other than my salvation. My dad counseled me to get a sheet of paper, write “Sin List” at the […]


Moving Beyond Denominational Barriers

Originally posted by The 6:4 Fellowship, a pastor-to-pastor community and an outreach of Strategic Renewal, this interaction with Pastor Brent Brooks from Reno, NV, shares on the following topics: A synopsis of the recent work of renewal among denominations The heart-work God did to create a passion […]


Preparing for the Wonder

Usually we are clueless. Our failure to draw near to the Lord every day has resulted in inattentiveness to the Lord. God helps us overcome this lethargy if we’ll listen. In Joshua 1 we see God alerting Joshua to prepare the people for His wondrous work of […]


A Revival Key: Spiritual Receptivity

I am on a fresh search for God these days. I know Him, but I know Him enough to know that my current state is below what is available. I want to know Him more in vibrant, personal, moment-by-moment intimacy—because everything flows from the presence of the […]


Living As an Oak of Righteousness

If you assumed the role of an artist and painted the revived Christian life as a tree, what would it look like? I believe the Spirit of the Lord did this very thing through Isaiah. His words became brush strokes, prophetically describing how Jesus would come to […]