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The Awaken Weekend has been designed to help individual Christians and entire congregations begin to turn, pray, and unite in seeking God for revival and spiritual awakening. Taking place from Friday evening through Sunday evening, this weekend event brings a church family that is burdened for revival in contact with visiting lay individuals and couples who have experienced personal and corporate revival. History shows us that God often uses this unique type of spiritual networking to see revival spread from one church or location to another.

An impassioned revivalist and a team of worship leaders will accompany these laymen. Together, they will lead your church in seeking the manifest presence of God. Through unapologetic preaching and practical, small group discussion, the team will work with your church’s adults, youth, and children, exposing them to biblical truths regarding such topics as brokenness over sin, personal and corporate repentance, and a Spirit-filled walk of obedience to God.

Requirements: This event has been designed primarily for churches averaging 500 or fewer in attendance. Before OneCry makes a commitment to bring a team to a church, the pastor must verbally agree to lead the church in preparation by preaching messages related to revival. He must also be willing to lead the congregation to pray for revival on a regular basis.

Cost: There is no charge for the weekend event. The visiting team members travel to the church at their own expense. During the weekend, however, we do ask the church to be willing to provide housing and food for the team members. We also ask the church to permit us to receive a love offering to cover ministry expenses related to the event.

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