A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

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Eight Lessons We Can Learn

In Bedford, Ohio, a few pastors have banded together to make a difference. Their common ground? The Great Commission. Their plan? Prayer and unified action. I had an opportunity to meet with a few of these pastors who have crossed denominational lines in the common cause of […]


Charlotte714 Draws 9,000

It was exciting for OneCry to partner with Charlotte714 this week, to see so many people turning from sin, crying out for spiritual awakening together, uniting for the cause of revival. Thousands came forward to sign the OneCry Declaration of Spiritual Emergency. More than 100 churches participated […]


God’s Passion for Restitution

In our love for Christ and desire to see Him glorified, there is one aspect that we often overlook. We are called to walk in humble confession and instant obedience to the Lord. But how does God feel about people we have wronged in the past? What […]


How to Develop a Revival Burden in Others

There is a simple equation in ministry: No Real Burden = No Real Ministry People can operate for a season out of sheer determination and duty, but the shelf life is short on passionless service. If you are burdened for the cause of revival and awakening, how […]

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