A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

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What Will It Take?

There is not a serious Christian who doesn’t long for the kinds of results that we read about in Acts 2 and in the ministry of Paul and the early days of the church. People were being added daily to the church. There was such generosity that […]


I’m Thankful For . . .

Most people I know are thankful for Thanksgiving. Besides giving employees a welcome day off, it is typically a great time of fun, family, and food. (Some throw in a little football, too!) But beyond these good things, it does us good to spend time and effort […]


Praying with the Persecuted Church

“The persecuted church around the world not only needs our intercessions, but speaks loudly to us.” Thanks so much to all of you who tuned in to the national broadcast last night. What an incredible night of interceding on behalf of brothers and sisters around the world! […]


Ten Reasons We Must Unite in One Cry for Awakening

Recently our OneCry team met for two days of planning. It was thrilling to hear the reports of what God is doing around the country and the God-initiated plans that are stirring in each team member’s heart. I thought again of the reasons we should all devote […]

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