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BOOK REVIEW: Forgotten Power

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After spending several decades traveling to hundreds of churches, teaching on prayer, I have come to realize that virtually everyone is for prayer, but they don’t know why.
– Dave Butts, Author*

Here at OneCry, we recently got our hands on Dave Butts’ new book Forgotten Power: A Simple Theology for a Praying Church.

From the very start, we were impressed with his simple yet deeply profound message for the believer. Forgotten Power presents an incredibly practical theology on prayer that is grounded in God’s Word without being bogged down by over-intellectualization.

This is the kind of book God can use to challenge, convict, and build up the individual, the family, the small group, and the entire church! Dave takes biblical teaching on prayer and makes it accessible and immediately applicable. Topics include:

  • The Old Testament precedent for New Testament intercession
  • Jesus’ approach to prayer
  • The early church’s perspective on prayer
  • God’s purpose in prayer, both for individuals and for the body of Christ
  • The pitfalls of prayerlessness, and how to overcome them
  • Prayer’s God-ordained priority in the walk of the believer

Each chapter contains an immensely compelling and deeply impacting story of how prayer has played a part in God’s supernatural reviving work across time and culture. The chapters conclude with discussion questions perfect for a small group.

The message of this book is one every believer needs. Dave balances biblical commentary with application points that are desperately needed in today’s church. Forgotten Power is an ideal read for:

  • The church-goer who knows they should pray, but doesn’t know why or how
  • A friend or family member who wants a better understanding of prayer
  • The intercessor who needs a word of divine encouragement
  • The family who wants to grow together in prayer
  • The small group leader who needs help equipping fellow members to pray
  • The pastor who wants to help a congregation take the next steps toward becoming a praying church

If heeded, the lessons presented in this book can transform the spiritual life of any individual, church, or denomination, any government or country, even the world.

The OneCry team believe this book to be a great tool for church leaders to use as a resource in helping believers understand prayer and then take the next step toward praying consistently.

*Dave Butts is a founding member of the OneCry Executive Team and also serves as chairman for America’s National Prayer Committee, as President of Harvest Prayer Ministries, and as a renowned international conference speaker.


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2 years ago

[…] called Forgotten Power: A Simple Theology for a Praying Church by David Butts (read a book review here). He shares a quote of an Indian pastor’s relational perspective on prayer. It so captured my […]

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