A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

City-Wide Revival


Cry Out Together

Carrie Gaul: Biblical Correspondent for Revive our Hearts TRANSCRIPT: What happens when we cry out together for spiritual revival? Forty years ago, Pastor Bill McCleod of a small Baptist church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, asked his people to be part of a weekly prayer meeting and […]


Despite Tragedy . . . God Is Still Working!

Turning on the news can be discouraging and sometimes upsetting as we watch our world crumbling around us. It’s obvious that we need a course correction, an immediate change of direction. God wants our hearts to return/turn to Him, but the path of humility and brokenness lies […]


OneCry Prayer Summit May 5

OneCry is partnering with Moody Radio and Pulse Movement for a two-hour concert of prayer event at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, MN, on Thursday, May 5. This fifth annual OneCry Prayer Summit will include teaching on prayer, interviews with ministry leaders from around the country, and times […]


Revive Indiana

God is at work! He has led Kyle Martin and his team to travel to the Goshen area of northern Indiana to pray and believe Him to do a mighty work. Already He has done some unusual things, and we are eager to share some of them […]


Mobilizing City Prayer

Several years ago in our city, we wanted to mobilize people for prayer related to a citywide event. Instead of making an “all-call” announcement to the churches, we realized that every church had intercessors. And real intercessors love to pray. We also realized that if we could […]


Revival Leaders Gather in Reno

OneCry Reno is growing. March 1 was the second annual gathering of churches and ministries from Reno, Nevada, and nearly 700 people attended. The day before saw a smaller meeting of revival leaders from other American cities, held at Reno Christian Fellowship. These leaders all possess a […]


Winds of Revival in Reno!

The OneCry team traveled to Reno, Nevada, this past weekend as co-sponsors of the Acts 4 OneCry for Revival event taking place there. This all-day conference brought together 400 leaders from a diverse grouping of 60 churches and Christian organizations. Those in attendance included black, white, Hispanic, evangelical, and […]


Reno: An Unlikely Town

“Can any good come out of Reno?” Pastor Brent Brooks of the Reno Christian Fellowship has frequently asked this question of his congregation. But in light of what is happening in Reno these days, he is quite sure the answer is a resounding and emphatic “Yes!” Reno […]


Eight Lessons We Can Learn

In Bedford, Ohio, a few pastors have banded together to make a difference. Their common ground? The Great Commission. Their plan? Prayer and unified action. I had an opportunity to meet with a few of these pastors who have crossed denominational lines in the common cause of […]

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