A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

City-Wide Revival


Winds of Revival in Reno!

The OneCry team traveled to Reno, Nevada, this past weekend as co-sponsors of the Acts 4 OneCry for Revival event taking place there. This all-day conference brought together 400 leaders from a diverse grouping of 60 churches and Christian organizations. Those in attendance included black, white, Hispanic, evangelical, and […]


Reno: An Unlikely Town

“Can any good come out of Reno?” Pastor Brent Brooks of the Reno Christian Fellowship has frequently asked this question of his congregation. But in light of what is happening in Reno these days, he is quite sure the answer is a resounding and emphatic “Yes!” Reno […]


Eight Lessons We Can Learn

In Bedford, Ohio, a few pastors have banded together to make a difference. Their common ground? The Great Commission. Their plan? Prayer and unified action. I had an opportunity to meet with a few of these pastors who have crossed denominational lines in the common cause of […]


Charlotte714 Draws 9,000

It was exciting for OneCry to partner with Charlotte714 this week, to see so many people turning from sin, crying out for spiritual awakening together, uniting for the cause of revival. Thousands came forward to sign the OneCry Declaration of Spiritual Emergency. More than 100 churches participated […]

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