A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Revival Champions


a twelve-session curriculum on revival for leaders

When the Spirit of God moves in revival, well trained leaders will be needed to steward the work of God among His Church. Champions will deepen your understanding of the ways of God in revival and allow your group to prayerfully partner with God by discerning how He is working in your community. 

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Here’s how it works:

Once a month for 12 months we ask you to commit to gather for a few hours with local church leadership.  As the year comes to a close, each participant will seek out their own group to lead through the process of seeking the heart of God together.

  • First half: Study and discussion on revival and awakening:

The goal of the Revival Champions Initiative is to create a revival-informed culture that permeates an entire community. Common terminology, shared experiences, and sound teaching from some of the top experts on revival will prepare your group for seeking the Reviver and leading His people to do the same.

Learn from men like Richard Owen Roberts, Sammy Tippit, J. Edwin Orr, Dave Butts,  and Bob Bakke.

  • Second half: Revival-focused prayer time and seeking God for direction:

There is something amazing that happens when a group of leaders unite their hearts, minds, and ministries with the power and presence of God through prayer. This study creates a space and context that invites God’s Spirit to give leadership and direction.

Prior to the Second Great Awakening, a pastor named David Campbell was used to disciple a group of men in the ways of God in revival. These men went into the frontier and became known as the “Five Wild Men of the Cumberland”! They were mightily used of God in the camp meetings that spread revival and the church across the Western frontier.

You are training the next generation of Wild Men! May God use you greatly in this critical task at this critical hour.

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