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Mobilizing City Prayer

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Several years ago in our city, we wanted to mobilize people for prayer related to a citywide event. Instead of making an “all-call” announcement to the churches, we realized that every church had intercessors. And real intercessors love to pray. We also realized that if we could capitalize on this catalytic moment, it might be used to spark some ongoing, unified, citywide intercession.

Calling Out the Intercessors

We asked the pastors and their administrators to give us the names of every intercessor in their church. This was understandable, because we were all participating in the meetings together, so it was a natural moment to make this request. We assured them we would not misuse this list.

It took some work, but we now have a database in our city movement of 1,000 intercessors that form the basis of our prayer movement. We do not abuse that list, but only e-mail them related to citywide prayer. We have a citywide prayer team that gives leadership to this movement.

Providing a Citywide Environment for Prayer

Two years ago, we felt the need to begin quarterly city-wide prayer gatherings. These have been rich times, led by of our various pastors who are gifted to lead in these ways, and a joint worship team from multiple churches that lead us into God’s presence.

Other cities have called their people to pray; some, I’m sure, far more effectively than we have seen. We don’t have all that we desire, but it’s more than we had before, and it’s a start.

We’re seeing a fresh breeze of God’s Spirit right now. I believe it is God’s gracious response to His people’s cry. Now, we’re praying for an increased number of intercessors that the Lord has placed on our hearts.

Why pray? As a leader, why give yourself to increasing the number and depth of intercessors in your church? Why call out and unite the intercessors in your city?

Because the most powerful people in the city are the people who pray! Because only revival and spiritual awakening can save us. And because a united cry is uniquely irresistible to God. 

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Norm Rasmussen
1 year ago

A video someone might be interested in regarding City-Wide prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzUftVaAPcc

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