A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening


Partnering together to seek God for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in this generation!

OneCry exists to issue an urgent call for individuals, families, churches, and communities to come together in repentance, prayer, and unity in Christ. More of Jesus is our only hope. Your gift will make a huge impact in mobilizing believers nationwide to seek God for revival!

Through the end of the year, donations totaling up to $50,000 will be matched!!

“If you learn to pray without ceasing, you will find the sweetest, most intimate communion that a human can experience. You will be surprised at its refreshment and joy. Amazed at its consistence. Stunned that it is so personal. Awed by how perfectly God knows exactly what you need to hear, every second of the day. Empowered by God’s answers. And, you will wonder why you have waited so long to pray with no intermission.” ~Bill Elliff






Help Call the Nation to Revival

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Thank you for making a difference for the cause of Christ. We’re in this together to see our nation turn to Him!

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