A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening


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That’s how many college students are enrolled at universities in America right now. And more than 70% will stop pursuing their faith before completing their education.

But what would happen if these colleges experienced a genuine spiritual awakening?

Did you know it has happened before in our nation? Not only did thousands come to Christ, but these future leaders changed the trajectory of nations with the gospel.

Isn’t that something worth praying for to happen again? On February 25, 2016, prayers by thousands of believers will rise in unison for revival on our college campuses. It’s called the Collegiate Day of Prayer—and we want YOU to join us!

Just adopt a collegiate campus. It could be your alma mater, your favorite collegiate sports team, a campus in the town where you live … or any campus on your heart! Then take a moment to register that campus on www.CollegiateDayOfPrayer.com so that others will know that place will be covered in prayer (and for practical tips on how to pray for that campus). Then lift your hearts with thousands of others on February 25, and believe God to answer our prayers!

The goal is to see every campus in America adopted and prayed over, and for God to answer the fervent and united prayers of Christians everywhere for a spiritual awakening on the campuses of America.

21 million. Students. For God’s glory!

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