A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Cry Out Together

Carrie Gaul: Biblical Correspondent for Revive our Hearts


What happens when we cry out together for spiritual revival?

Forty years ago, Pastor Bill McLeod of a small Baptist church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, asked his people to be part of a weekly prayer meeting and to pray daily for revival.

Adults and even children dutifully complied. They would even add a sentence about revival as they prayed together before their evening meals.

It took five years, but God showed up in power. A traveling revivalist came to McLeod’s church for meetings. Starting with 190 people, soon other churches joined the movement.

Within weeks, they were forced to move to the largest facility in town. Ultimately, over 4,000 people were meeting together, and thousands were being led to deep repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Crime virtually stopped as people sought forgiveness for past sins of stealing and cheating and beyond.

Yes, crying out to God together for revival has great impact. Are you praying daily for God to move in your city and in our nation?

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Faye Lewis
Faye Lewis
3 years ago


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