A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

God’s Invitation to Prayer

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Moses went up to God, and the LORD called to him from the mountain, saying, “Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob and tell the sons of Israel: ‘You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings, and brought you to Myself. Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine; and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation’” (Exodus 19:3-6 NASB).

We have a horribly one-sided concept of prayer. We think that we are the ones who initiate prayer. But most often, if not always, it is God.
Moses knew this. God would put him in situations that created a need. Such needs were orchestrated by God to drive Moses to Himself.

Manley Beasley once said, “Problems are God’s messenger boys telling you that God has an answer.”

God Calling

In Exodus 19, Moses went up on the mountain to seek the Lord. But it was the Lord who “called to him from the mountain” and began to speak. The conversation was initiated by God.

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Hallesby, in his classic book on prayer, says that Revelation 3:20 is one of the greatest statements on prayer in the Bible. God is the One knocking. He is calling us to open the door.

And to pray is to open the door and give Him access to our needs. In this regard, our greatest qualification for prayer is our neediness.

When Moses responded to God’s call, the Lord gave him the most wonderful, encouraging words, not only for himself but for the whole nation. These are the kinds of things God longs to communicate to His children if they will wait before Him in dependent, expectant prayer.

Our Response

Have you ever thought that God longs for prayer more than you do? He knows that you cannot do His will and glorify Him fully if you are not in communion with Him.

God is knocking, calling, throughout each and every day. Certainly the dramatic needs around us for revival and spiritual awakening are His invitation to extraordinary prayer.

You must wonder what God has waiting for you and those around you if you would respond to His invitation—often disguised as a need.

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Andrea L Putnam Struble
10 months ago

Amen 🙏

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