A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Pray Like Moses: 4 Ways to be a Better Intercessor

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Just as last week’s solar eclipse pushed entire cities into moments of darkness, even so sinful ways can leave a nation devoid of the light of Jesus for generations. The only hope for a brighter future rests in God’s patience and loving discipline as He graciously pushes His children toward the horizon of repentance and submission to Him.

A major, national prayer event in September was put in place years ago and continues today to help us recognize our great need for the light of Jesus and His gospel. On 9/11, Cry Out America will sponsor a day of prayer for revival and spiritual awakening. As believers all over the country gather at county court houses and public venues to cry out to God, how should we encourage each other to pray?

When God chose to respond to the cries of His children in Egypt, He sent them a deliverer who truly knew how to intercede on behalf of a sinful people. As a matter of fact, Moses could be described as one of the most powerful intercessors found in the pages of Scripture. What characterized his intercession when he was praying for the Hebrew nation?

First of all, Moses was a great listener. His spiritual ears were always attentive to God’s voice. The more he listened, the better he became at knowing not only God’s will for the nation but also His heart toward the nation.

Second, Moses had tremendous faith. It’s one thing to know God’s will, but it is quite another to boldly act on it. Again, this marks a great quality of an intercessor—the boldness of heart to pray, speak, and then even lead others to walk according to God’s plan.

Third, he centered his appeals to God on the basis of God’s own reputation. Moses believed that if God did not complete what He initially intended to do in delivering the Hebrew nation from Egyptian oppression, those who watched from the viewpoint of neighboring nations would question God’s power and love.

Finally, as an interceding leader, Moses was willing to identify himself with the obstinate people for whom he prayed. God had spoken of destroying the rebellious Hebrews and starting over with Moses. Yet Moses so loved both the people and the God against whom they had sinned, that he was willing to stand in the gap between the two, staking his very life on the graciousness of God.

This September, as we continue to cry out to God for revival and spiritual awakening, may we all allow God to keep maturing us as intercessors. May the burden God shoulders for us as an obstinate people be ours as we press on in praying to the only One who can change our nation!

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3 months ago

Quite insightful and enjoyed reading

Upholding in prayers. May our Lord anoint you with His wisdom to write more.



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