A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

What will you do with your gift of time?

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Don’t waste the gift of time. Why not pause each day and pray for 30 minutes? It could turn some idle time into eternally productive time.

Here’s how …

  • 5 MINUTES: Pause and look up to God; read one of the psalms. Step into the Lord’s presence in prayer; calm your heart in His presence. Walk into the throne room and shut the door behind you and pray to your Father.
  • 5 MINUTES: Look up at God and praise Him for who He is—for His nature and character. Think of everything He has done for you, and thank Him.
  • 5 MINUTES: Ask God if there is anything in your heart or life that is not right, that is displeasing to Him. Confess that to Him and ask for His cleansing.
  • 5 MINUTES: Pray for everyone you know who has needs—pray for your needs and each of your family members’ needs; pray for your “daily bread.”
  • 5 MINUTES: Pray for all those who are making decisions during this difficult time: for all governmental leaders (by name) and health professionals in this dangerous time; for church leaders making important daily decisions regarding how to care for their people; for nursing home workers; for business leaders making tough decisions.
  • 5 MINUTES: Pray for a nationwide revival and spiritual awakening! We have had four nationwide spiritual awakenings that brought a dramatic course correction to our entire nation. Most of them came on the heels of nationwide calamities that brought us to our knees. Pray that this season would cause millions to turn to Him!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect with the God-Who-Is-Above-All!

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