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Just how much do black lives matter?

One thought on “Just how much do black lives matter?

  1. J Anthony Smith says:

    I am extremely disappointed in your Christian organization. I just heard the most racist commercial I have ever heard and it was from OneCry. The commercial I’m speaking of is your radio commercial about the Black Lives Matter campaign and black aborted babies. Not only is this commercial EXTREMELY offensive and racist, it’s ignorant and paints a false image.

    Your commercial highlights statistics that claim that black women are “more likely” to have abortions than white women, which is an extremely subjective statement. The FACT is that white women actually have more abortions than women of other races. But you conveniently left that fact out of your little commercial I see.

    Another ignorant statement your commercial makes is you try to connect the Black Lives Matter campaign to black women having abortions. What in the world!? They have NOTHING to do with each other. Black Lives Matter is a campaign seeking primarily to end police violence against African Americans. It’s not connected to the abortion issue, which is a separate and NON-RACIAL issue.

    Your commercial was obviously created by people who want to bismirch the Black Lives Matter campaign, which by the way, NEVER says that all lives don’t matter. It’s a campaign focus advocating a specific demographic of people. Thinking that the campaign is a slight against people of other races is like accusing a campaign where people are advocating for equal treatment for Christians is anti-non-believers, which I know no real Christian organization would ever do because it would go against the purpose of the Great Commission Jesus has charged us all with.

    I’m a follower of Christ Jesus and I’m definitely against abortion. But this commercial was truly horrible. I had to pull over my car to write this when I heard the commercial on the radio. This is not at all representive of our faith. Please pull the commercial and never produce anything like it ever again. Thank you.


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