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Dr. Tony Evans – The Judgment of God

OneCry Executive Team member Gary Frost recently participated in a Pastors’ Webcast, where this clip originated. Click here for the full webcast, which also features Pastor Ronnie Floyd.

Gary Frost: Dr. Evans, as I read the Bible, we read in prophecies such as in Jeremiah, that there come times in history where God’s people cross the line … and judgment is inevitable. Jeremiah was even told not to pray anymore for God’s people, because Nebuchadnezzar was coming.

Can you speak to that? Is it too late?

Dr. Tony Evans: Well, that’s a good question.

First of all, I want to distinguish between the active and the passive wrath of God. The active wrath of God, like you see in the Old Testament, involves fire and brimstone falling from heaven, the invasion of nations … that sort of thing, directed by God.

Jesus Christ changed how God could relate to the world, because with the death of Christ, the world was reconciled to God.

So now we are dealing with the passive wrath of God. That’s why we don’t see fire and brimstone falling from heaven. But we do see Romans 1. In Romans 1, three times we’re told that “God turned them over.” That is, He released them to life independent of Him; He released them to themselves. That applies to individuals and to nations.

When God’s passive wrath is expressed, which is what we’re experiencing in America right now, the net result is that God pulls away His manifest presence, leaving a vacuum where the consequences of sin and rebellion and dismissal of God fill that void.

The Bible says, in Romans 1, that that kind of judgment would reveal itself in how people relate to one another, in how people relate to themselves, in the decadence that will take over a culture—and He says in the third stage of this passive wrath, you know you’ve reached the bottom when people not only do things that are unrighteous, but when they validate and okay them.

Gary Frost: Wow.

Dr. Tony Evans: So, when you see legislation taking place that legitimizes, legalizes, and authorizes sin—as opposed to condemning it even though it’s there—then you know you’ve hit the bottom of the passive wrath of God … which opens up the door for collapse.

So in answer to your question, America is teetering on the edge of the collapse that takes place when God has been removed from the culture. But I must add that the church has been a co-conspirator in this result.

That is because our failure to keep God front and center in the culture (for many reasons) has allowed much of what the culture naturally does to continue—the way it’s doing it, at the speed it’s doing it.

God will not skip the church house to fix the White House. He will only work through the church. He will not bypass the church. So our failure has helped open the door for cultural collapse.


[OneCry encourages you to participate in The Gathering, a national Solemn Assembly on September 21, 2016. Join in person at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, or via the online simulcast. For more information go to www.TheGathering2016.com.]

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Will Thompson
Will Thompson
4 years ago

What…No comments on this word? I heard Dr Evans explain this recently on a local radio station and needed to hear it again.

3 years ago
Reply to  Will Thompson

This is very interesting and it makes you look at the church from a different perspective in regards to accountability.

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