A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

RESET: A Prayer to Bring Hope

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[Note: As a movement, OneCry seeks to partner with other groups that are pursuing revival among God’s people and spiritual awakening in our nation. The RESET movement, in their primary focus of calling younger followers of Christ to live wholeheartedly for Him, is one of those groups we are pleased to work with. The following was written by Chris McFarland, a key leader in the RESET movement. Feel free to share this with others.]

RESET is about real prayers from real people. The message of RESET is that Jesus can and will reset your life. Jesus restores you to your original design. He gives you a fresh start.

When your computer or mobile device freezes, you know to hit the reset button. A reset restores the system to its original design. Hitting “reset” gives it a fresh start.

More than 200,000 people have already prayed the RESET prayer, asking, “Jesus, will You reset my ______?” Behind every RESET prayer is a story.

Kari had the opportunity to be successful in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. “The way I’ve had a lot of that success has been by managing situations, managing others, managing circumstances. Basically, I am a recovering control addict.”

At 52, Kari had learned over the years to achieve by trying to control her own life. “While it sounds right in my head, that’s not what God has designed for us to be. Now I’m praying to let Him handle the circumstances and let Him be in charge.”

Kari surrendered her desire for control and began to let God lead in her circumstances. She’s felt the power of praying, “‘Jesus, reset my need for control.’ I know there’s power in this prayer; I’ve felt it—when I pray for Him to reset my need for control, the peace and calm that I feel is real.”

As people like Kari pray the RESET prayer, they share the hope Jesus brings. More than an isolated incident, RESET is about the impact of thousands of prayers united together in the name of Jesus.

People from many different backgrounds are uniting around Jesus alone. The focus isn’t on any one church, ministry, organization, or leader. The focus is on Jesus.

Through RESET-themed and RESET presence events, people can connect in person with others who are praying and living reset lives; hear stories of what Jesus is doing; and celebrate Jesus with hundreds and thousands of others.

Right now, whoever you are, you can pray the RESET prayer. Share your prayer with thousands of others at ResetMovement.com.

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