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A Long Obedience in the Right Direction

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A Long Obedience in the Right Direction is the title of a wonderful book by Eugene Peterson. I’ve always loved that title, and it could be used of Joshua as he fought the campaign to conquer the Promised Land.

Just as the LORD had commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and so Joshua did; he left nothing undone of all that the LORD had commanded Moses (Joshua 11:15).

Joshua waged war a long time with all these kings (Joshua 11:18).

Joshua obeyed the Lord with almost boring consistency. It was what his mentor had challenged him to do, and what the Lord had commanded him to do (see Joshua 1).

But what impressed me recently is that he “waged war a long time.” He never gave up … never turned back … never questioned God’s commands. He just faithfully and consistently obeyed God.

And the results? God’s will was accomplished, God’s enemies were defeated, and God’s people received what God intended.

Things went as planned. Everything worked, and worked very, very well.

All because of one man’s long obedience in the right direction.

I wonder what would happen if I would do the same. I wonder what step of obedience God asks of you and me today. I wonder what would happen for the cause of revival and spiritual awakening in America, if every believer would simply, unapologetically, faithfully, continually follow Christ.

I wonder …

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