A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

A Higher Kingdom

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(in light of a lower kingdom’s temporary ruling)

When Jesus was born 2000 years ago, it was the greatest military invasion in history. Christ came with the full arsenal of self-sacrificing love to establish a new kingdom that would have no end … a new government. The rule of this government would rest on His shoulders alone, and this kingdom would be established by the zeal of His Father, full of pure justice and perfect righteousness (Isaiah 9).

Those who have the extraordinary privilege of coming to know and believe Him are ushered instantly into this kingdom. For a brief moment we continue to live in this earthly kingdom, knowing that it is but temporary and that we are aliens and strangers. But we also, though only in part, enjoy the riches of God’s kingdom. We are between two worlds.

Our Continual Task

We have a job to do. We are to proclaim the excellencies of the One who delivered us. We are to herald to our neighbors who have not yet come to know Christ and His kingdom the wonderful testimony of how that can happen for them (just as it has happened to us). And we are to give illustration through our lives of how glorious it is to be transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God’s dear Son—that there is nothing so thrilling, so right, so beautiful as this.

We can do this in any environment. In fact, the darker the darkness around us, the more brilliant the light becomes. So, there is no place our singular job cannot be accomplished. No human government can stop this. No rule of law can change our job, our citizenship, or the advance of His kingdom. In fact, our King said that even the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

Sometimes it is harder, and there is more suffering in the task. But to suffer for this cause creates nothing but a more vivid illustration and a greater reward.

And Fridays Come

When a moment arrives like Friday, June 26, 2015 … when a few men make a horrible decision against the clear standard of God’s Word, seeking to redefine the first thing in history that our Creator defined, we still have a job to do. We are to boldly, clearly, unapologetically, and graciously love people and proclaim the truth. Our King is full of grace and truth. We must not compromise in either compartment if we are to represent Him well.

So, how do we respond to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage? We love people. Everyone. Fully, passionately, deeply, aggressively. We let no glimmer of unrighteous anger abort the flow of God’s love.

But we also stand for what God says is absolutely true, clearly revealed in His Word. We hate sin for the same reason God hates sin—He knows that it ruins lives. He understands that it aborts His image in us and keeps us from the full expression of what has been fearfully and wonderfully made.

God hates sin (any and every sin) because He loves people. And sin brings death. Always. So we do everything possible to help create environments, in this land where we momentarily live, where sin is not glorified or exalted, and particularly (as happened on this tragic day) where it is not institutionalized and celebrated. And we weep when this happens, because it breaks the heart of God and will lead to sin’s further advance in the people He loves.

We must also adjust our praying. We must pray more and unite in intercession for God’s grace. No human machinery or method can accomplish what is needed. We must pray that the church (God’s kingdom people) will wake up and fall on her knees in extraordinary prayer and deliberate, full repentance … that we will realize that our slumbering engagement in the kingdom is removing the salt and light in our culture … that our personal compromises with this kingdom cause the light to dim and the presence of God to be lifted.

We must cry out for an extraordinary, merciful move of the King to bring sweeping revival to the church and a massive spiritual awakening to those without Christ. This course correction (which God has often done) would do what nothing else could accomplish.

And Finally …

We remember that this world will soon be over. We will be ushered into God’s eternal kingdom soon, seeking to take as many as possible with us. And there the kingdom will be perfect in righteousness and absolute in truth. And our struggles in this life will be over … and we will be HOME.


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Jay Hopson
Jay Hopson
5 years ago

Beautifully written! Thank you so much… to all those involved in this undertaking. I have been crying out to God for months to find some united prayer effort such as OneCry and I finally found you today! My heart is full of such gratitude to find that there is a praying remnant that hears what I am hearing…. I am certain now that the Awakening will come… because other intercessors have heard the call! Praise God!

Deborah Jackson
Deborah Jackson
5 years ago

“removing the salt and light in our culture”….,reminds me of all the billboards i saw when i first moved back to chicago,(back when I was living there) sarcasticly saying” WHO KILLED SALT?” i checked it out even further and found, it was an ad for a TV show,but because of drastic changes in the spiritual climate,i sure did bring it before the LORD.He and I had us a little laugh also,seeing as later the ALPHA and OMEGA will get the last laugh!(and it won’t be so little) Psalm 37:13. oh,ever wondered how many times the bible mentions the LORD will… Read more »

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