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Let’s Pray Because God Still Revives College Campuses!

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Join with others today, on this Collegiate Day of Prayer, to pray for a college close to your heart or your home. Here’s a testimony of what happened on one university campus just last year. What if this happened on campuses across the nation?

On a college campus known as the #1 party school in the nation, students have been filled with a new kind of joy. In a place where the devil is paraded as the official mascot, Jesus has been openly worshiped in the middle of campus! In a place known as a pastors’ graveyard, resurrection power has broken forth.

I remember how hard this ground was, as a freshman at Arizona State University. For the first three years, I was constantly bombarded by thoughts of temptation, literally overwhelmed by the heaviness over the atmosphere. I remember continually feeling like I was the only Christian on campus, though I had many friends who were believers. When I would visit other ministries on campus, there was this sense of isolation and disconnect, that ministries were laboring alone and didn’t really know each other.

During these years, I often walked into the chapel to pray alone, in the middle of campus. I would cry out to God to send revival to ASU. For three years I did this, knowing God wanted to move but having no idea how He could possibly move in such a dark place.

Then, God began to set things into motion. Student leaders at ASU were led to spend 24 hours in prayer. By the second year, we were led to host 40 days of 24-hour prayer.

Two weeks into the 40 days of prayer, something amazing happened. As we began to cry out for an outpouring of God’s Spirit, the presence of God took over our prayer meeting. A girl fell to her knees and began to tremble and weep. Others began to cry out fervently for revival in this generation, with a new passion.

Suddenly, a shift took place over the atmosphere of our campus. Students began to stop dead in their tracks and stare at us—longing for what we had. From that moment on, amazing things began to happen. Students began giving their hearts to Jesus for the first time; others came back to the Lord. People were being healed and no longer needed crutches. Believers began encountering Jesus and falling in love with Him all over again.

Students who had never prayed for more than 10–15 minutes were getting lost in prayer for hours. Ever since that outpouring of the Spirit of God, we have continued to host 20–40 days of 24-hour prayer on campus every semester.

We have discovered the truth that every person is only one encounter away from following Jesus. It doesn’t matter if they’re atheist, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, or have been hurt by the church—every heart is hungry for a real encounter with the living God!

What would happen if God were to work at your alma mater, or the campus down the road from where you live, like He did at Arizona State? Now, that’s a vision worth uniting in prayer to see happen!


Chris Ngai has been part of a united movement of prayer and love at Arizona State University known as LoveASU. His book, A Vision of Revival for College Campuses, will be released in March. You can support the release of this book through Kickstarter. (This content was originally posted on the Collegiate Day of Prayer website.)

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