A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Praying for the President

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What would happen if President Trump …

  • became a friend to churches in America who honor Jesus Christ as Lord?
  • were to select Supreme Court appointees who hold to scriptural moorings in their decision making?
  • were to demonstrate kindness and speak truth to all with whom he interacts on a daily basis?
  • were to exercise discernment between good and evil?
  • were to humble himself each day and avail himself of the Lord’s help in facing daily challenges?
  • were to recognize the spiritual significance of the three Great Awakenings in America’s past, and join God’s people in seeking the Lord for another great revival?

Can you imagine if these things were to happen in a Donald Trump’s presidency?

What if we are never intentional enough to ask our Father for these things? Is it likely that He will just “do it anyway”? Maybe … but according to Scripture, He likely will not (James 4:2c).

Many times having a guide helps us to focus our prayers.

Life Action Ministries, the parent organization of OneCry, has put together a monthly prayer guide for President Trump.

If you would like to unite with believers across our nation in praying for our new President, download this free prayer guide and join us in praying for the next thirty-one days (at least!).

Click here to order packs of 25 to share with others.

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