A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

The Limiting Power of Unbelief

“He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief” (Matthew 13:58 NASB).

All of us, and all of those around us, need to see the miraculous hand of God do miracles in our midst.

There is a sense in which everything God does that involves us could be put into that category, for when God is in the equation, it is beyond normality.

But what is it that God is looking for in order to unleash His power? Faith.

There are some things God does in spite of our unbelief. But there are many things He chooses not to do because we will not believe.

The Genesis of Unbelief

Jesus was in His hometown. He had grown up there, and people had seen Him in one context (hometown boy) but could not imagine Him in another (Messiah).

Because it was seemingly illogical, they chose not to believe. In fact, they went farther. “They took offense at Him” (v. 57) as He taught with wisdom and exhibited miraculous powers.

In their pride, they thought their knowledge was the sum of all knowledge … their experience the standard for any level of experience. How arrogant.

And, they missed seeing …


God has more for us. He always does. Seasons of revival and spiritual awakening fall into the category of the miraculous.

These are moments when God rends the heavens and gives a display of His manifest presence. Such invasions are always miraculous.

Where are you aborting God’s activity by your unbelief? Is there an area you simply will not believe God because it’s beyond the realm of your limited knowledge or experience, and you’re having a hard time making the stretch to believe?

That’s why it’s called faith. Remember this: Nothing is impossible with God. Absolutely nothing.

God is waiting for you to take Him at His Word into the next step of faith—the step that will show the world the incredible reality of God’s miraculous power.

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Just one question (since I was speaking with a friend about this very subject this morning)…how do you get beyond your unbelief? Some people wrestle with things and they try but it seems like the circumstances and overwhelming fear and panic are their reality and it is hard to believe especially when you can’t see. My friend and I were talking about “fasting and praying” to break the chains of unbelief. The disciples were chronic at their “slow heart” and the “little faith”…Jesus told his disciples that “this kind comes for by nothing but fasting and praying”. So, is this… Read more »