A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Will You Reclaim a College Campus for God?

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What happens on our university campuses has great influence over the course of our nation.

Where else will you find all of a nation’s future leaders gathered in one place for four years? As the students go, so goes the nation!

But there is a crisis on our college campuses today: They are in dire need of the presence of God! The reality is that universities are not only training future leaders into occupational roles; they are also systematically shaping the hearts and minds of young people into a worldview devoid of God:

  • Among students who begin their college life as Christians, 75% fall away from their faith during their college years, and most do not return.
  • On most university campuses across the nation, the number of Christians is less than 5% of the student population.
  • The consequences of this reality are widespread and felt in many churches across America, as the 18–29 age group is almost completely missing from the church!

We are losing an entire generation during their college years. Yet, there is hope.

In a similar day of our nation’s history in the 1820s, the church became greatly concerned for the young people on college campuses. They began to unite in fervent prayer on the last Thursday of February each year, for the outpouring of God’s Spirit on colleges and universities.

Within a few short years, revival began to break out on a number of college campuses, significantly transforming the culture and spiritual atmosphere of many of our largest universities. As a result, pastors began encouraging parents to send their young people to college—if they wanted to see them safe and soundly converted! God has done it before; let’s ask Him to do it again.

On Thursday, February 23, the Collegiate Day of Prayer, we are calling for fathers, mothers, grandparents, students, and faculty to cry out in united prayer for the souls of our nation’s young people. Will you join your voice in crying out to God for another great awakening to come to the college campuses of America?

Adopt a college campus (or more than one) at CollegiateDayOfPrayer.org, and join in a united cry for God to send revival to the next generation!

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