A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

OneCry Book

The OneCry Book

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OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening is a challenge, a plea for readers to shake off their spiritual apathy and wake up to the hope of God moving with extraordinary power in our day. Pulling from an abundance of stories by ordinary people who have experienced the power of life-changing revival in their own lives, this book provides a contemporary road map for spiritual awakening and real revival.

Revival can begin within the heart of any who choose to cry out to God in realization of their desperate situation. OneCry: A Call to Spiritual Awakening is a challenge for readers to awaken from their spiritual sleep and complacency to see that there is hope. God is moving in incredible ways among His people. Join us on this journey to look at stories from ordinary people God has radically changed.

We were always taught to put others before ourselves, but in the case of revival, we don’t need to be praying for spiritual awakening to happen to others. It begins with us.

Have you examined your own heart? Is God calling you to step into the circle of personal authenticity before Him and pray, “Lord, let it begin in me”? Will you step into the circle?



The OneCry Church Experience Kit

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Imagine what could happen in your church if the whole congregation joined together to seek God. The OneCry Experience makes pursuing Christ-centered revival practical and unifying! Based on the OneCry book, six powerful Revival Realities show the way to spiritual awakening.

A host of supporting materials have been designed specifically for pastors and churches, including a pastor’s guide with sermon support, a small group curriculum with high-quality video, and compelling promotional tools.

The OneCry Experience is the resource you have been looking for to energize your church to pursue spiritual breakthrough.

The Church Experience Kit includes:

  • Small group Leader’s Guide, discussion questions, and teaching videos
  • Pastor’s resources, including sermon starters, PowerPoint templates, and teaching resources
  • Church promotional resources and guides on how to lead the OneCry Experience in a local church setting

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