A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Whatever the Cost

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Twin brothers with a passion for Jesus Christ, David and Jason Benham seek to follow Him in ways best described by the title of their recently-published book, Whatever the Cost.
As successful entrepreneurs, the Benhams have built multiple enterprises, resulting in their efforts being featured in numerous business magazines and journals.

In 2012, David and Jason helped organize Charlotte714, a city-wide call for spiritual awakening in their hometown of Charlotte, NC.

Due to their stand for Christ and His Word, the brothers have also felt the sting of rejection by a culture that increasingly considers God’s standards unacceptably intolerant. But by their loving yet courageous words and actions, David and Jason provide the church with a powerful example, especially for Christian men to be the leaders we desperately need in our hurting nation.

Below is an interview we recently had with these brothers. You can also learn more about them and their book through their series of YouTube videos.

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