A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Big Prayer in 2020

OneCry Executive Team Member Bob Bakke shares what’s coming in 2020 regarding collegiate and national prayer.  

If you receive the OneCry email, chances are pretty good that you care about the spiritual well-being of our nation. No doubt it grieves your soul to see the godlessness that pervades our society.

Yet God is stirring His people to pray. And when God’s people unite in prayer, it’s not long until God does something amazing!

That’s the purpose of OneCry: to prepare the people of God for the work of God. Can you think of a better way to prepare for God to bring revival and spiritual awakening than by the humble, repentant, united prayer of His people? We want to highlight two of our 2020 initiatives that do just that!

The Collegiate Day of Prayer unites the efforts of more than thirty prayer and revival ministries with the goal of having every campus in America adopted in prayer. In 2019, that goal was realized! How tragic it would be if we fell short this coming year. YOU make the difference in helping us call the nation to prayer for the next generation.

As Bob mentioned in the video, he has for a number of years played a pivotal role behind the scenes on the National Day of Prayer broadcast.

The National Day of Prayer presents a unique and powerful opportunity for Christians to unite their hearts before our Father on behalf of the nation. OneCry is honored to play the role we do in partnering with such an incredible organization.

Be a part of the vision! Invest in making 2020 the most prayed-over year in America’s history. Your year-end donation to OneCry will bear eternal fruit as we ask God to do a work in our time that is bigger than anything we can imagine!

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