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Hope in the Lord

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The promise of renewed strength makes this a favorite Bible verse for many. The picture of a soaring eagle brings hope to those who are weary.

For many years now, another soaring eagle has brought hope to many. The picture of America as a soaring eagle, proud, fast, moving above the clouds, has captured the imagination of millions, both in the United States and around the world.

But more than that, our verse today likens the eagle to those who hope in the Lord. Is that a picture of the United States today? It’s a question not just for our government, but for us as citizens.

Where is our hope? Is it in whoever currently occupies the White House or Congress? Is it in our military or economic strength?

There is nothing sadder than a crippled eagle, one that can no longer soar. Healing, however, can come to damaged wings. It involves the redirection of hope. The American eagle can soar again when we learn as a people to place our hope in the Lord.


  • Thank the Lord for how the biblical picture of a soaring eagle fits as the symbol of our nation.
  • Ask the Lord to help you put your hope and trust in Him alone.
  • Pray for our nation, that we would once again soar as an eagle as we place our trust in the Lord.


Father, I thank You for this picture from the prophet Isaiah of an eagle soaring, and how well that helps me as I pray for my nation today. Forgive, Lord, for the pride that has often marked us as a nation. That pride has caused us to put our hope in our own strength and might, and not in You. Forgive us. If we are to run and not grow weary as a nation, it will be only because we have turned back to You as our hope. Help us, Lord, to hope in You!

Dave Butts is the Chairman of the Board for the National Day of Prayer and a founding Executive Team member of OneCry.

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