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How Does Grace Help Me?

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Grace is one of the richest theological themes in the Bible. But it is far more than just a nice theoretical concept. The grace of God is a vital, practical, transforming gift that is available to every child of God, for every situation and circumstance and moment of life.

Today, we want to apply what we have learned about the grace of God by asking two questions: “What do we need God’s grace for?” and “How can we get more of God’s grace in our lives?”

What do we need God’s grace for?

The correct answer is: everything! From birth to regeneration through sanctification, all the way to ultimate glorification—from the cradle to the grave—we are utterly, absolutely, entirely, always dependent on His grace! God’s grace is His all-sufficient provision for every need we will ever have.

God’s grace rushes to the scene of our weakness and need. Take a few moments to identify some specific ways that you need God’s grace at this season of your life. Check any of the following that apply:

I need God’s grace in my life to …

❍ deal with a major disappointment
❍ forgive someone who has hurt me deeply
❍ seek forgiveness from someone I have wronged
❍ mend a broken relationship
❍ break off a wrong relationship
❍ meet pressing financial needs
❍ handle loneliness
❍ deal with the pain of my past
❍ love a family member who is hard to love
❍ be faithful to my mate
❍ take a specific step of obedience
❍ honor my parents (or my in-laws)
❍ love my wife as Christ loves the church
❍ deal with the guilt and failure of my past
❍ be morally pure
❍ respond to a tough situation at work
❍ bear chronic physical pain
❍ repent of a particular sin
❍ resist a particular temptation
❍ overcome a besetting sin
❍ break a habit
❍ guard my tongue
❍ respect and submit to my husband
❍ be kind and patient with my children
❍ accept a particular ministry opportunity
❍ fulfill the ministry He has entrusted to me

How can we get more of God’s grace in our lives?

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God’s grace is undeserved, but it is not unconditional. God makes grace available, and He is eager to give it, but there is one condition that must be met.

He gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6 ESV).

God resists (literally, “sets Himself against”) those who are self-sufficient—those who try to manage their lives without Him; those who struggle and strive to live the Christian life on their own; those who are too proud to acknowledge their need.

But He gladly, freely lavishes His grace—all His divine favor and resources—on those who are humble. We demonstrate humility by acknowledging our helplessness and our need (to Him and to others) and by crying out to Him for His grace.

Read Psalm 84:11, James 1:17, and 1 Peter 5:10. What (Who!) is the source of all grace? What does that suggest about where we should look to get our needs met?
Look back at the items you checked for which you need God’s grace right now. Humble yourself before the Lord and tell Him about each of those areas where you need His help. Call out to Him to meet your need. Then thank Him that His grace is sufficient for you in each of those areas.

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