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Resurrecting the Prayer Meeting

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Most of us are familiar with a church that has good intentions about starting a prayer meeting. Often those good intentions fizzle after a short period of time.

I was recently a guest preacher for one Sunday morning at a church in Mississippi. This is a solid church by all accounts—a church whose pastor has a burden for biblical and historical revival. It’s a church that at one point had a weekly men’s prayer meeting with an emphasis on praying for revival. But somewhere along the line, it had ceased.

As I have often done in the past few years, I preached on God’s judgment of nations. It is a call for the church, and particularly the men in the church, to wake up from her slumber and seek the Lord while He may still be found.

At the end of the service, I called for the men of the church to come to the altar and humble themselves in prayer. As we ended that time of prayer and were about to conclude the service, a man came up to me and asked me to announce that there would be a men’s prayer meeting that evening.

Later, I found out this was a spontaneous call to prayer due to the conviction in the service, and about ten men attended that night. I also found out it was the rebirth of the men’s prayer meeting for revival.

Never give up. All across our land are churches that need God to lay on the heart of one man a burden to pray, and to call others to pray. Pray for the birth (and rebirth) of real prayer meetings for revival all across our land!

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