A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

The Gift of Wisdom

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Proudly watching over New York Harbor and the nation stands the majestic Statue of Liberty. Liberty is portrayed in this statue and elsewhere as a lady. Such a precious commodity as liberty is rightly given human attributes.

It is fascinating that the book of Proverbs does a similar thing with wisdom. Wisdom, too, is called a lady, and is portrayed with human characteristics.

In the above passage from Proverbs, Lady Wisdom promises to protect and watch over us. It is a promise given with a condition. We must first choose to love wisdom and not forsake her. Thus embraced, wisdom will bring protection and watch care over a people.

Biblically speaking, wisdom is looking at things from God’s perspective and making the right choices based on that perspective. How critical it is for a nation that wants to experience God’s protection to love and embrace wisdom! As the United States increasingly accepts a secular mindset and rejects divine revelation as a basis for our laws, we move farther away from the protection offered by wisdom.


  • Thank God for the gift of wisdom, and for the ability to see things from His perspective as we turn to His Word.
  • Repent on behalf of our nation, because we have turned from making Scripture the basis of law, leaving behind wisdom and looking to ourselves for truth.
  • Cry out to the Lord, asking for godly wisdom to be loved and embraced once again by this nation.

My Prayer

I thank You, Lord, that You are a God of wisdom and revelation. You do not hide wisdom from us, but rather have told us that we only need to ask, and You will freely give it. So, Father, we ask You for wisdom this day. We embrace the wisdom from above that allows us to see matters from Your perspective.

What we ask for ourselves personally, we also ask for our nation. Forgive us, Lord, for turning from Your ways and the wisdom that is Your Word. Our country has sought wisdom and direction from polls and surveys and other nations rather than looking to You. We have called Your wisdom “myth” and have called that which is foolishness “wisdom.”

Dave Butts is the Chairman of the Board for the National Day of Prayer and a founding Executive Team member of OneCry.

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