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Unexpected Blessing

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“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45).

Elizabeth’s song—the Beatitude—is a touching and tender, yet powerful, testament to the vital importance of having fellowship with like-minded believers. We are not intended to be self-sufficient. We need each other. We need to spend time with people who have a thriving relationship with God if we expect to be strong in our own faith and to strengthen them in theirs.

Mary needed this blessing that Elizabeth spoke over her. She needed what the Spirit was saying to her through her dear friend and older cousin.

Here’s why I’m so sure of it. The word translated “blessed” in Luke 1:45 is a different word than the “blessed” of verse 42, the one that equates to eulogy. This one (“Blessed is she who believed”) is the Greek word makarios, meaning, “one whom God makes fully satisfied”—not because of favorable circumstances, but because God Himself provides the satisfaction. To be makarios is to be fully content, even in situations that are less than ideal, solely because God lives in us through Christ.

It’s the state of being saved, in other words. No matter what we are called to endure as Christians, we have all we need … because we have Jesus.

Mary was arguably in the most difficult circumstance a young woman could imagine. Think about what she had to be willing to embrace if she were to say yes to the plans of God in her life. She had to be willing to become pregnant under a cloud of mystery, willing to carry the child to term, and willing to endure the inevitable misunderstanding and ridicule that came from her unique situation. She had no verifable way of refuting others’ claims that she’d been either unfaithful to Joseph or involved immorally with him. In addition, according to the Old Testament law, she could possibly be subject to stoning for this alleged offense. What she was really saying, then, by surrendering to God’s purpose was, “I am willing to give up my life to do what He says.”

To this woman, Elizabeth said, “Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” To this woman, Elizabeth said that God would bless her with full satisfaction in Him if she would believe what He had promised.

How much do you think Mary needed to hear that?

As we do … because you and I will never be happy if we are not believing the promises of God. Joy and blessing, satisfaction and fullness, come from one source alone. They are the byproduct of believing what God has said. And they are the blessings we can encourage in our brothers and sisters by committing ourselves to each other through Christ.

~ My Prayer ~

Father, I praise You for the salvation You have given us by grace through faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ. I praise You, too, for not only meeting our great eternal need but also blessing us with access to peace, joy, contentment—complete satisfaction in You, despite every struggle. Help us cling to this hope as You cause us to experience it, both individually and together.

~ Keep Reading ~
Psalm 16:7-11
Habakkuk 3:17-19
1 Peter 1:3-8
~ My Response ~

At what level are you currently experiencing Christian fellowship with other believers? If you’re struggling with a shortage of it, how could you initiate a greater depth of relationship?

Excerpt from The First Songs of Christmas—Meditations on Luke 1 & 2
A 31-Day Advent Devotional
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