A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

A Gift That Will Make A Difference

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I’m in Washington, DC, for some meetings right now. This is a badly divided city, indicative of the divisions in our whole nation. I’m absolutely convinced that it’s not politics that will ever bring us together. 

What we really need is a great spiritual awakening, another heaven-sent revival that changes lives and transforms churches and whole communities. I believe prayer is the key to that.

For years now, OneCry has been mobilizing prayer and much more to see another great awakening in our land.

You can help us. As this year begins to wind down, many people begin to give toward ministries that are important to them. I would ask you to consider giving a gift today to OneCry toward seeing another great awakening in our nation. 

You can do that online: www.OneCry.com/donate. It’s a gift that will make a difference!

Dave Butts
OneCry Executive Team

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